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Dating a puma white hunter

Any idea as to the year made and as to value? Were date codes used on this model, as with, etc.? I would be suspicious of anything made after that's in a plastic box. It is great to see your helpful detail about the subject, here also I was visit Couteau-de-chasse for the shopping of knifes.

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I have been told that knives labeled Custom Explorer Alpine Hunter with wood grip scales are actually made by Puma. This is a fine site. Over the years, it has proven to be a very useful camp knife. I had his name and service engraved on the handle. Can you date a model "Hunters Friend" with no other on knife.

Puma White Hunter

It differs strongly from any other puma folder. In they switched from the cardboard bottom to the yellow plastic bottom still using the same green plastic top. Regards from Argentina, Alejandro Speed dating brighton. Hard to judge values on the Puma's as what I find is all over the boards.

Anyway, could you advise on where I can get this knife cleaned and re sharpened back to its former glory?

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Puma White Hunter Xtm I don,t think puma numbered their knives prier to Puma White Hunter Wish I knew were mine was?? I was wondering the value and it's history? I can't believe that Puma hasn't changed it to "Safari Hunter" or something similar.

Re: Puma White Hunter

I used to have them but bought a new computer and lost the saved document. Contact me cross msn.

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The other is newer and came in the Fred Bear's stone,knife,and file set offered by Three Rivers Archery a couple years ago in their catalog. I am going hunting for the first time soon, and I was wondering if it would make a good knife for field dressing or skinning a deer?

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Wish I knew were mine was?? I like the new site but I miss all the knives from your old site.

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It will help with dating. Really like your site, I have reciently been given as a gift a Puma Medici and was wondering how and when this style of knife came into puma production. I also have the original sheath although it's a little cracked and dry. Great site Brent,I purchased a puma Sea Hunter set in about it was a two knife set, the dating a puma white hunter and sea hunter together in a leather sheath, the poor old mariner has has been used so alhambra dating I have retired it to the archives now.

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There were people there from all over the former Austro-Hungarian empire and he had posted signs all over the house stating, "No Politics! All the best and Greetings from Germany, Ralf pumahunter.

I bought a Pume white hunter made of pumaster steel.

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In Puma introduced a hook up in westchester Stainless steel version and called it the Would like some information on it and about what the price would be.