How do you hook up two amps to one sub Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

How do you hook up two amps to one sub

Sorry if this doesn't make sense I've been up for 11 hours with 3 hours sleep. PSM1Sep 6, If you'd do your research you'd realize that JL is just another super overpriced, japanese brand, with a 10x markup on price.

You blow your shit up man, I should know. But then again the internet, like you mentioned, provides wiring diagrams.

If i connected it all right and set the amps the same, and not too high, wouldn't it work just like a W amp? Cain Posted on Monday, October 13, - I was running 1 amp on each sub as I also have 2 if the 12" subs but I needed trunk space.

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That said, I can guarantee you that if you are looking for louder bass there is better ways to do it than doing something as dumb as wiring two amps to one sub. Originally Posted by squeak Well, technically only running a single coil results in a 3db loss in sensitivity half the Blwhich is half the acoustic power.

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I'm looking to run just one of the 12"s. Posted on Saturday, December 06, - Big instal - big post - different amps test and different drivers. Find All Thanked Posts.

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The only thing about single channel amps is the wiring gets tricky if you want to put more than a single sub. Waiting until marriage dating sites to Hybrid Mode.

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Theoretically I think there must be a difference, but I am not sure how that would relate to the audible performance of the woofer. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

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Any one used that amp? Posted on Sunday, October 12, - Brilliant - thanks for all your help. I've been wrong before But if by accident I switch the other amp on at the same time could this cause damage to either the Sub or the amps? I think your logic is faulty.

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But is to big for where I need to put it. Yes its fast, No you can't drive it!

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Its the right size to go under the seat and has more power then I need but is way more then I can spend. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.

Originally Posted by rockinridgeline. Max power might give you problems, but max numbers mean about as much as taking a shit in your hand. That would be fine and you would just use either the red or black connection to the sub.

I have rigged this up with a splitter Y leads connected to both the sony and marantz sub outputs and then connected by a single lead to the sub. Discussion in ' Home Cinema Speakers ' started by mossSep 6,

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