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When a human loves a vampire, and is turned by that vampire's blood, they experience the sire bond, and do their best to please their sire. Elena says that being with Damon is unpredictable, and that it makes her feel happy and free.

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A Louis Theroux Christmas jumper is here and it's the most sublime thing to ever exist. Shane said the dating had lost his wife to cancer and sought him out for supernatural assistance. Details reasons to join online dating still coming in about their Santa Monica nuptials but the bride wore a fishtail, long-sleeved gown and the groom was in a white suit.

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Stefan and Elena found Damon and Rebekah while and Vaughn fled through the passage. The relationship of Caroline and Stefan started when Caroline it felt attracted to him, but Stefan refused it immediately. Since Elena turn off her humanity and became a vampire Damon and Stefan have been working together to help her.

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That conversation gave Damon an idea: After Stefan vampires diaries his memories back, he is able to grow close to Elena again and they form a close friendship. Deeply upset, Elena shows no interest in the necklace and devastatingly confesses to Damon that Stefan is truly gone forever. Damon doesn't and states: He urges her to do the same.

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The latter wins out and she then turns around and strides over to Damon and kisses him. The mystery guy showed up again and Damon suggested that Elena pose as who to get the vampire in the open to kill him.

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We found out Elena hadn't told Stefan about dirty dancing with Damon after she got high on blood at the Murder House Party. We were always going to end up here.

When he found Jeremy, Damon again did the most decent thing he could.

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She freaks out, yelling that everyone is lying to her. As they are having a very close moment, they are interrupted by the church bells and Elena tells him she has to get in the church. Elena and Caroline intervened, and Caroline killed the deputies, exposing her vampirism to her mother in the process. She said Jeremy was the only thing holding her together, and he promised they'd get him out.

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