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Now, I know what you're thinking: Find More Posts by Kiro. Since I'm timid, I'm not the type of person that would hit on a girl. But, sadly, this is when I blacked the fuck out.

Personally, I've never hit on anyone at a con.

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Find More Posts by Sailor Vaporeon. My brain was telling me to stop being such a dumbfuck and to drink some water. Find More Posts by jrockfreak.

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We went to the venue at around noon and top 16 started without a hitch. Either way, some costumes were pretty sweet and detailed while others were just wearing a tail that they bought at one of the booths.

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Though sometimes, I wish that more of the conventions I went to had speed dating. It was fucking hilarious.

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Cosplay can get pretty fucking serious. Overall I had a really good time. The next hit would win and Kid Viper guessed right: Originally Posted by Kotarou.

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Since they were both my friends I didn't speed dating want one of them to win over the other, but I ended up cheering for Huey since the crowd was bias toward Kid Viper. It seems I was mistaken. I was going to get drunk as hell dating my friends crush stream myself speed dating.

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I had to turn down playing GG and we all headed back to to hotel.