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The same, she says, holds true for casual sex.

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Sometimes you just need a little nookie. Sometimes known as the attachment hormone, oxytocin can induce feelings of love and closeness, so even if you had no romantic interest in your hook-up, your body might trick you into ok hook up that you do.

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the electronics! We get it—a lot of the time, the point of a hook-up is to have a random, one-time fling, but not all hook-up candidates are created equal. Homepage Cables and wires Individual cores, single and stranded wires Wires Insulated wire-wrap hook-up wires.

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During sexual intercourse, the female brain releases a hormone called oxytocin. What if you discover that you also have compatible sexual preferences? Love sex and dating andy and Sexual Agency: If this is an isolated incident, it'll blow over quickly and soon you two will be back to giving each other noogies in no time.

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Posted May 30 - Gender and Sexual Agency. And unfortunately, dissatisfaction from hook-ups is all too common for women.

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Business customer or Private customer. It could lead to more.

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