Ph7 social dating demo pH7 Social Dating CMS (pH7CMS)

Ph7 social dating demo, 100% open source, 100% customizable, based on a modern & innovative pattern

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If you request, we can even install the site on your server or Web hosting. Get, download and Install it. Users like cancer star sign dating be anonymous on dating sites.

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Create a Real Freedom Discussion Area Thanks to the powerful and interactive communication tools integrated in the software, your users can express their opinions, share their ideas and seize their unforgettable moments anywhere and interact directly and instantly with other users and friends around the world! Get the SourceForge newsletter. And How Amazing Is It? Integrated in pH7CMS 1. All pH7CMS prices are final.

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We love beautiful code and pH7CMS reflects exactly that! Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: Sitemaps including sub-sitemaps as well! Download and Install it.

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Your Dream can still be Reality Test it, share and contribute with us! The software has a lot of protection against spam, brute-force attacks, duplicate content, and has an UNIQUE algorithm protection system against Spam that helps to fight against the most unwanted users.

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It was a tad daunting to launch my dating demo app and use a complex software social did something on the Internet before but it is free, "simple" to use, fast and has many features I wanted. If you still do not believe, please check by yourself! It is low resource intensive, extremely powerful and highly secure.

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Offer people to advertise your site without spending a dollar thanks to the Affiliate Module integrated to the software! Very thoroughly commented about what's happening throughout the PHP code, beautiful indentation and very readable, even for non-programmers Anyone can easily contribute to this great project with our GitHub repository http: