Dating steps in high school story Isle of Love

Dating steps in high school story

The bright side about the dating is tht once one of ur couples reache the in love stage u get rings.

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Is it supposed to have changed by now? Dating Stages Jan 18, Nov 3, Dating Stages Nov 24, You're rewarded with ten rings when you reach "In Love" and an additional ten rings once you reach "Head over Heels.

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You're rewarded with five rings when you reach the "Sweethearts" stage. No, it takes forever and does nothing useful.

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Dating Stages Sept 8, After head over heels it's getting married Can you really get married? Opal Graduate If you're reading this post, I'm probably inactive.

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High School Story Forum. Nov 4, 9: Dating Stages Nov 4, Dating Stages Nov 21, Nov 21, Is there any point to sending a couple on a date once they've reached In Love? Dating Stages Nov 3, A "Sweethearts" date takes 23 hours.

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Dating Stages Nov 4, 9: It gets even longer the higher the relationship level. Dating Stages Jan 4, It takes such a long time for the dates to end like it can be 1 hr to 8 hrs or more.

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I'm probably at opal-the-nerdy-director. Dating Stages Jan 6, 4: Nov 24, Jan 4, I have this couple that's been on three successful dates, but they're still at the flirting stage. Dating Stages Sept 7,

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