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Muslima dating scams

TetoTak from Jordan of people found this review helpful. I signed up there a loong time ago and people were just looking for dates.

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Best dating site paris baba ali's one. Marrying someone you've never met? My heart sank when it showed up on a spam list. I blame the dating scams administers, they do a terrible time pof free dating app download keeping customers.

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An anonymous sister sent in a story of her personal experience with online Muslim dating sites. Have you tried the muslim personality test? One thing I have to admit, I have not come across any scammers on Muslima.

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A-Z of Muslim Dating Websites. What is this talking of Jihad only being of the nafs? The other thing is that even though you clearly state on your profile what you're looking for, you also get a lot of unwanted interest.

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If the result was positive the account will be created Don't spend your money, because they will terminate your account for no reason. I had the worst experience of my life, I met this liar who turned out to be a complete liar.

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While dating scams so, I kept finding that God was giving me clues, revealing the true identities of the guys I had been speaking with. Guy Number Two had many red flags, but in my desperation to find someone and give him the benefit of the doubt, I contacted the administrators of Half Our Deen to ask them to check this guy out.

In retrospect, my naivety is astonishing.

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Nothing is impossible for him. Muslima from Florida, USA 86 of people found this review helpful. Last edited by voran; at To be honest I dont exactly know the proper Islamic way of finding a wife but I guess you could go to courses set up by mosques that help you find a wife that you like according to characteristics.

Originally Posted by ridz. Even though my profile clearly stated I was looking for individuals from USA,once you are a paid member you start getting interest from all non paid members all over the world When I did eventually meet him and ask to see his degree certificate, I immediately became aware of how defensive he became.

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Also you get a lot of guys who are uneducated and others who are constantly looking at your profile but are perverts and have one thing in mind only. This is my story.

By hayatto in forum The Lounge. Forum General The Lounge Is muslima.

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Displaying Reviews 1 - 9 of 9. Obviously you cant get married to a lady you have never seen before. Originally Posted by voran.

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Saxjazz from Morocco 7 of 11 people found this review helpful. That's like blaming cars for car crashes How are Muslims going to meet spouses thousands of miles away abroad if not for marriage websites?

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May Allah make it easier on us all. This is the second time this has happened to me. I saw what looked like 12 year olds dressed up like prostitutes with much older men and only men liking their photos as well as evidence of organ trafficing.

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Chances of Getting a Date: Chances of Getting a Date:. Lastly, my personal advice to Muslim women:

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