My daughter is dating a girl How to react to news that her daughter is dating a woman?

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Young people kill themselves and get disowned by their families over it so to me the fact that it bothers other people is disgusting and shouldn't be an issue anyway If you allow it in your house, that's all good but don't criticise those of us who don't want our offspring having sex in the next room.

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I would never, ever allow my child to feel like my mom made me feel. Or she might really prefer girls.

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Meet this girl, get to know her. It might have been a phase or it might be decision because of dating she sits on the spectrum we all share.

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First let me say that i truly believe there are daughters that we as parents would see in our children as they grow up that would help us know if our children where interested in the same sex or not. But most importantly she is my daughter and I shall love her to the ends of the earth until the day I die. Share Tweet Pin WhatsApp.

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I hate seeing my daughter being upset.? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I really hope tentang online dating you can get through this in a happy way.

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She has changed her story from the girl pressured her, that it was a girl, to she liked a boy that this girl was always with I would need to adjust, to learn to live with it, and all because they went against nature and decided to experiment and happened to like it? I think you need to do some damage control, go tell her that you love her, and whatever path she chooses relationship wise you will love her the same,that it is much more important that she grows into a healthy, responsible and intelligent woman than what her sexual preference is.

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I had to be rushed to the hospital. Like On Parenting on Facebook for more essays, advice and news.

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If this is your first visit, check out the User Guide. Not which gender she loves. I wouldn't worry about it and just support her choice.

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