My 16 year old daughter is dating a 24 year old 16 year old dating 24 year old guy ?!?

My 16 year old daughter is dating a 24 year old, вопрос 1/3

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I'm not saying you're wrong, but that's an illogical statement. I personally am not a fan of big age gaps. Dove, I am a very responsible girl and I don't feel that our age difference is too much.

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It's a very difficult relationship, especially with my religious and law-abiding father. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. If I was a single parent I would arrange a male relation or friend dating a cubs fan come over to the house and invite him round. Obviously I am not very happy with this. Children, and a 16 year old is legally a childneed boundaries.

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And when it ends, you want her to feel she can come to you. As you get older, you mature mentally and physically. She didn't like it, But it makes everything extremely awkward when people don't want to meet etc, be easy on her and as most have said it probably wont last anyways and if it does then so be it and be happy!

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It was a constant battle with my mam who tried to keep me her baby and told me what I was and was not doing. Still married with a baby.

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The time now is Did your kid say something awesome? Join Date Feb Posts 17, My eldest is 15 this year.

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I'm sorry but I think you have made an unwise choice in who you've chosen to love and who you've chosen to have babies with Because it is a choice. Also he found out she ditched school to go hang out with him and mother helped her yes he has had the talk.

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He ended up getting a bit pissed off and that sort of set the scene for the whole date. He is a loser.

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I'm sorry but what on earth is a man that age interested in a child of 16 no matter what some people say she is a child yeah she can legally have sex, I just don't think its right. I was 16 when i got with my ex and he was 38 at the time, we were together for 4years, he had two kids from a previous relationship too.

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