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I ran across an article on Facebook which had Zoosk as the top dating site. You can always go back and answer the skipped questions at another time. I confirmed that they refunded my money, but I have yet to get a response to either of the emails I sent inquiring into the matter.

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I confirm that the review is correct and represents my honest cost. So if you ordered Zoosk for a month, at the end of that month if you did not cancel your subscription they would automatically subscribe you for another month and bill you at the same cost you paid when signing up.

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They never stop asking for additional money. It generates woman from over miles away. Almost all online dating services have what are called auto-renewals. They gave it all back.

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Hey Irmina, take a look at the Zoosk cost page for the latest prices hope it helps. Do not waste your time!!! Zoosk is a fast-growing site that offers a unique dating experience for its users. I always ask if in fact they have viewed me and the ones who were kind enough to answer said no.

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They have denied the story section of my profile 5 times now. The one time activation fee is not listed in the policy.

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I signed up as a dare from a friend of mine. Save money There's one thing we still refuse to buy online site the savings Books from Amazon, clothes from ASOS and almost anything else from Very - online shopping has become the go-to for most of our purchases.

I was told over and over by their rep that she was telling me all she is permitted to tell me, which was nothing.

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Not sure and I will never sign on with them. I decided to write them back. When I got a reply I decided to get 1 month subscription as the site seemed so promising, of course it was an auto reply!

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This is actually the cheapest dating site Ive used with the best results. So I revenge couple dating in real life for three months.

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Here's what to expect this time around. I was connect most often by of state people, but they claimed to be in state.

I was looking through some pics and clicked on a very attractive blond girl. Zoosk are quite simply money grabning liars. It's like they never existed.

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