Dating bsa bantam DVLA & Machine Dating

Dating bsa bantam

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Police Special A65P - through all years. Firebird A65F - and If you know of any discrepancies bantam email us. Also this carried through to some but not all of the engines.

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The models are identified by the adding of an extra 0 at the end of the frame marking putting the number bantam into the ,'s. There was a short period where the engine marking matched the frame marking but the frame prefix was A50; Presumably to use up stock in store prior to the changeover.

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B Series This is a bit complicated! Identifying engine and frame numbers, season onwards.

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On most BSA's the frame number is located in the following places. Lightning A70L A75V - and The oil in frame B- series are stamped on the prop stand bracket. After dating and identifying many thousands of BSA's we have found that often a bike was built or shipped outside the dates dating age limit in nc by the lettering system so this should only be used as a dating bsa guide to the year and month of your machine.

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After frame the engine and frame markings were the same. The model designations are as follows.

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The numbering started at the beginning of each season and always started at leaving the first 99 for experimental use. Gold Star - B25SS The exception is the early Bantams where the frame number is between the front engine mounting plate.

BSA Bantam Club Machine Dating Services

These returned machines are shown with a cross at the beginning of the despatch book record; they then reappear at the end of the book with the revised despatch date. Owners with late model BSA's can easily identify the month and year of their machine as the factory adopted a dating system for frame and engine numbers for the season models. Machines still in stock in the season about were resold in the and season. The years given are all model years: Sometimes they were despatched months earlier or later so the lettering system should just be taken as a rough guide.

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Rocket Three five speed - A75RV, and It is always stamped; raised numbers are casting part numbers. The numbers were consecutively allocated throughout a model range so as an example all B group machines were lumped together irrespective of whether they were a B25 or B Click on the relevant year below for a complete listing of all engine and frame numbers: The engine and frame received the same markings.

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This is just a guide and will fit most situations but frames were legitimately re- stamped by dealers if the original was damaged and a replacement fitted. Engine and Frame Number Introduction Identifying your machine.

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Starfire B25S - Sept to