21 year old dating 17 year old 17 yr. old daughter dating 21 yr.old boy.

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Closely related to SHF's Trousers As long as you have told her that you don't old with her father, there's not much that can be done, unfortunately. Tell him he should look at himself in the mirror and be the one to throw the first rock. He is putting our 14 yr. I'm not, I'm rarely that obvious. Just had your GCSE maths retake?

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See you at next year's panto oh no you won't! Well, I'm not a parent, but.

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I know the boy and he is a really good kid and thinks the world of my daughter. I've no regrets, but I would monitor a situation like that for my daughters and wouldn't permit the unsupervised partying and overnights like my parents did. I haven't seen the stats on that yet.

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That aside, whether or not a relationship between a 17yo year and a 21yo boy could be healthy depends completely on the individuals involved. I was 17 and my husband was 24 when we started dating. I use those years because that's the situation I'm currently in. Did have some problems but that was more to do with me wanting to make sure that while best dating places in philippines a serious relationship I didnt deny her the chance to do all the things a normal 17 year old should be doing if you get what I mean.

Also, at dating site south carolina age most boys my age seemed hopelessly juvenile - good as friends maybe, but definitely not sexually attractive. I definitely plan to keep an open dialogue about dating and sexuality, and my kids already know that I'd prefer if they didn't date until they were ready to think about marriage- but I wouldn't absolutely forbid something like that.

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My 17 yo niece got a lot more pressure from the boyfriend she had that was the same age regarding things like sex, alcohol, etc. The thing is He didn't even give this boy a chance.

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The problem is, if you are too overbearing with your disapproval you may only be encouraging her to rebel. The comments and opinions expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of the community in which I reside; or those of the internet parenting old dating.

As long as you feel like you can still be 17, feel safe in his presence and your relationship doesn't have a negative impact on you, your friends or family then go for it.

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MrGrumpy Grumpy by name and nature. Terry Gilliam Believer Posts: Especially in situations where an "older" male is interested.

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