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Ourtime dating scams, the verdict on ourtime.com

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And I received many responses from what appeared to be bots. Today's Mess-Up Photo Sports cam water proof. I became a member of OurTime. They are the parent company of "Match group" which owns virtually every internet scam site in this country.

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See all answers 1. There are no refunds for any payments plus you are also obligated to pay the remainder of the subscription fees for the package option you signed up for.

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By avoiding the first impressions that accompany a face to face encounter or a blind date you can be yourself without having any expectations put on you. The first time I had a good time with him and the second time he acted like he was off of his meds and I felt scared. There was dishonesty in height, weight, age, education, marital status, health, and even hair and datings.

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It is IMO view very catchy and potentially explosive. Thus website is a joke. All they told me was that they would report the problem to their technical section.

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The ultimate parent of Match. I have had different profiles give me the same phone number to text. I have been involves with 3 scammer all three were out of state.

Did I have him then! Since this is all computerized, how hard can it be?

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I hope a class action will fix this company from doing what they do. They are all pretty much the same as far as how they work.

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I told her give me a break, most likely that not lots of OurTime members are seniors and more likely on Geritol Avoid this scummy site. Ourtime is definitely a good bet, and another one id recommend is PrimeTimeLove. What is that about?