Inline fan hook up How do I wire and connect an in-line duct fan?

Inline fan hook up

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Thanks for the instructions. I added a cold air return as there was none previously. I will talk about it in a second.

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The short answer is no. Originally Posted by glennjanie. I did the actual wiring in the air handler since the duct and installed fan were located nearby. I ask because during heating the furnace is pulling a lot of load running main blower, induce draft blower, humidified, EAC etc The reason I didn't do it was because I wanted to have complete isolation between the control board and my booster fan via the relay, I didn't hook it up to the blower because I was not sure how the blower and the relay would behave if both were energized from the same source.

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After reading the original post it seems like any standard extension cord with three prongs will do. I guess, if you want to eliminate any telegraphed noise, you could use some rubber connects Home Depot sells them to connect the motor to the ducts and avoid any motor noise or vibration.

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Spiff73 author Reply Check, double check and triple check your connection. The bare wire and the ground wire go together and they are attached to the box.

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Secure the cable by tightening the clamp in the box. CDXXMar 6, Enjoy your new booster fan.

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At this point, it is a matter of hooking everything up. HydroMay 14, Liability, if my fan is totally separated from turkish dating sites uk control board via a relay, then I don't have to worry about it damaging the control board if something happens on the fan hook.

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At the thermostat either turn down the setting or just use the OFF position to turn off the furnace, when everything is off there will be a delay inspect the register again to make sure the fan is not on anymore. It is a controller that I got at Home Depot it hook like a thermostat and you can with a little jacking around set the temp and the fan will come on at a set temp and go off at a set temp.

Introduction: How to Install a Furnace Booster Fan on the Cheap

Mine was bad and I had to do some troubleshooting. FRaptor author dzip Reply The power to the fan has to be turned on and off when the furnace is on or fan. The point here is: Actually it all works out better for me that way.

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Dating kakinada contacts rating tells you what the relay can handle. Run the end in the junction box and secure it with the clamp. In my case, the basement is not finished and I had access to the duct but still I had to have help to remove a section of the duct. If you do this, you can set the thermometer to whatever temp you want your fan to come on at.

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