In love with best friend but dating someone else In love with best friend but she just started dating someone else. Any advice?

In love with best friend but dating someone else

It's not there with you.

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She wants me as her best friend, but that is difficult for me. Can you fall in love with someone else even when you are married?

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I am so upset!! Are you still "best friends" with this girl, or has something shifted? She disappeared due to a massive depression and did not want anyone to see her, We reconnected back she was on this current Texas trip that lasted longer then planned.

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Its up to you if the trouble is worth it. In all that time you never stepped up to the plate and told her what you feel.

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You also need to learn from this, and next time you have feelings for a woman, act on them in love with best friend but dating someone else you have them. Relationships don't have to be so hard. How can you hang onto your best friend when they are in love with someone else?

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I keep seeing my crushes birthday anyone know what it means? When you're with her step up the game for a few hours, and then leave semi-abruptly, like you have to do something important, instead of telling her how great of a time you had.

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Think about it, you're depressed. She'll be telling her boyfriend about how much fun she had and he will start feeling insecure. What is the worst thing one can do to his friend?

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A history of love. She did the above. We aren't normally the exciting type unfortunately and we live in like one of the most boring provinces in Canada so I am not sure what to do for that but guess I could do some research on what we have here.

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The problem is though that sometimes our partners have a different code to us and spending hours with a friend offering endless support and guidance can sometimes drift into developing an attachment which becomes a threat to the primary relationship.

During that entire time I was not pinning for her. I think the stress of that and looking for a job got to her. I asked for some space.

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Like I said she takes instant connections way too seriously. If she is making bad decisions then they are hers to joe and olivia dating you cant really stop her without making things worse.

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In fact she met him at a bar and had an instant connection and starting dating him afew weeks later. So for example, having a coffee with a friend, listening to their problems or helping them out in some way might seem fine and an OK thing to do and certainly no threat to a relationship. When she finally DID arrive in country, for a short distance relationship you were unable to make any solid plans with her.

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Now you're her father, claiming he's bad for her, a drunk, a druggie, all in all a horrible guy EXCEPT he has her attention. She met him on NYE, for Christ's sake, it's fling.