Hook up digidesign 192 Hook up digidesign 192

Hook up digidesign 192

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I don't know anything about HD as I am a LE guy, and there is not really any kind of reference telling me what to do to hook them up. I want to record onto my mac, recording multiple simultaneous tracks probably around 12 to 16 tracks at a time at most, and I was wanting to get a high quality converter. You said tracks, so you could get an Apogee Ensemble which is going to be fantastic and can run up to 18 channels in at once.

It really does make a huge difference in the quality of what it can do. Don't take this the wrong way, but if you're so new to this that you don't know how to hook the real dating aI'm not really sure it matters too hook which converters you buy.

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Don't 192 crap, but don't get stuck on this. How will an HD24's converters make your recordings better or worse?

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So I guess speed dating victoria 2015 question is how does one use something like that, and what's the best way to record multiple tracks to a computer with high end converters to pro tools?

BB code is On. So far, an architecture friend and I have some plans made, with a mixing room, live room, and a vocal booth. Hey Top Jimmy, you mean with my configuration right? What "cliches" are you worried about with the ?

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Leesayhey 4 10 years ago thanks, how about HD24? I'd say that more than likely, you're getting hung up on marketing spin.

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I will be using high end mics and preamps neumann, neve, what have you, etc and I don't want their clarity, fullness, and tightness to be lost during conversion. Send a private message to Craig F. So what's your budget and what exactly do you still need?

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Connecting external effects as insert to Mbox - help needed. I like the HD24 for its simplicity, what do you think? Sweetwater Forums [Archived] After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource.

Using Digidesign 192 I/O

Tracks being recorded out of sync, pops and clicks, I guess that kind of stuff. So I started to realize that maybe this was something I could do on more of a full time scale.

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Originally Posted by Craig World of tanks matchmaking as I read what you have posted you have the capacity for: I'm a big fan of Black Lion hook because I feel they did a stunning job with my R.

Good mics, good preamps and good monitors. I can also see the lights on the front of the s showing levels.

Send a private message to Top Jimmy. You'd wanna use a word clock cable 75? Click here for Music Store hours.

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Shoot, everything 192 being monitored through a analog board. Apply Today Subject to credit approval. I'd worry about having quality mic preamps before I get too worried about the converters. I'm getting a new mac, but that's going to be on credit, and it's the only thing im getting on credit.

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Find all posts by Top Jimmy. All things in the chain being equal talent, mic, pre, etc whats going to sound better? Sure, the expensive ones sound a little better, but if you have talent and a good artist behind the mic, you're good to go.

It's enough to track drums, although I'll be short a couple room mics.

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I'm working on that Why did you like the way they sounded, or why not? The Digital cards will only allow you to monitor through a digital console or converter.