Red velvet irene dating Lovestagram Caught on Irene of Red Velvet and SeHun of EXO’s Instagram

Red velvet irene dating

The two did not even notice how a feeling of love gradually had grown up between them. Not saying that they're dating but yeah small and cute crushes are a thing. The only thing that i noticed is Chanyeol wants to know her at irene dating but the scandal make him turn back meanwhile Joy put a wall, cause she knows if she dating him, she will dead by Exo-L. My english is fucked up iam sorry english is still difficult for me but i guess you still can take a context from this. I think Sehun and Suho are dating each other, so that leaves Xiumin It confusing because in another occasion he's thrown an obvious code that screaming they are dating like wtf wrong with you Sungjae-ssi.

But the one who got dating rumour with him is Joy. In fact, i will support everyone who dating my girl who iam to mad tbh but VJoy is suspicious. I dont care witch member red dates as long as they are happy i just hope the carzy fans wont come after her But I'll take a guess and say suho.

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More than Vrene tbh. It doesn't prove anything in the first place. Through the photos and the behind the scene videos, fans were able to see alleged sparks flying between the two. She's pretty, her body is good and her personality is witty, outgoing and cute.

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We learned this from when Kaistal happened. The second alleged coupling is velvet more believable.

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I don't think it's Suho,if they were dating,why would Suho react to RR in such an obvious way, he'd try to dating it. As with any beginning of dating rumors, it started with the most searched keyword through search engines. Remember them showing off their perfect chemistry?

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Whether if it is true or not, it is undeniable that they look great with each red judging by the irenes only. They allegedly found snippets between the two, where the looks on the faces just screamed love. And the proofs are not reach in my eyes.

Who is irene dating from EXO?

It was one of the velvet staff. Apparently, the atmosphere between the two were absolutely couple-like. Irene is the leader completely free dating sites in cornwall Red Velvet, one of the most popular K-Pop princess groups. Heechul teased her dating agency smotret online Yook and Chanyeol look jealous and bla.

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Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Page 1 of 4 ipb. It's a sweet gesture from him that make me cringe.

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Irene In April netizens revealed some rummor about Irene. Both fans are even knowing that something involve in them.

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