Problems with radiometric dating techniques Scientist Realizes Important Flaw in Radioactive Dating

Problems with radiometric dating techniques, recommended resources

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Finally, the inferred age of the shocked quartz, as determined from the age of the melted feldspar in the Manson impact structure Many people think, and this is the important point, that they can prove which worldview is correct simply by looking at the scientific evidence, such as radiometric dating.

I am not sure what directly testing mantle magma will tell us about radioactive dating, because lots of problems with radiometric dating techniques happen to the lava as it is flowing over the surface of the earth.

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Sr is not radioactive, so the change is permanent. He assumes therefore that Sedimentary Rocks A are the same age as the other rocks in the region, which have already been dated by other geologists.

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Snelling is a legitimate scientist who also publishes in peer-reviewed journals. Was one of them removed from the rock by some unknown process? Are you telling me that he has been swimming at that speed for the whole race? I would think that the older the sample, the larger the overestimate.

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Throughout, Con has refused to confront the central proof that radiometric dating is accurate. We now know that the impact site is located on the Yucatan Peninsula. April 7, at 7: Problems with the Assumptions.

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An Annual Review, No scientific journal can claim papers are required to conform with dating a retarded woman Bible or that results are certain. The chemical data used in the radiometric dating method requires interpretation, which is sure to be wrong if Biblical data is ignored.

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In any event, a discussion of the Concordia technique would have been peripheral to the point that I was trying to make. The creationist approach of focusing on examples where radiometric dating yields incorrect results is a curious one for two reasons.

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If you believe the earth is very old, then most likely, all of the radioactive dates based on isochrons are probably overestimates. The amount of Sr that was already in the rock when it formed, for example, should be proportional to the amount of Sr that is currently there.

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If the effects of diffusion can be taken into account, it will require an elaborate model that will most certainly require elaborate assumptions. Since both the ash beds and the tektites occur either at or very near the K-T boundary, as determined by diagnostic fossils, the tektites and the ash beds should be very nearly the same age, and they are Table 2.

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Hayes has pointed out a problem with radiometric dating techniques with isochrons that has, until now, not been considered. A few are even from the Moon and Mars.


When he writes for his religious audience he denies them. He was invited to our meeting as a guest speaker solely for his expertise on radioactive dating.

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Darwinist, racist and eugenicist The age of the Jenolan Caves, Australia moreā€¦. For example, a geologist may examine a cutting where the rocks appear as shown in Figure 1.

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But have you ever thought about where you would get that information from, since you can't travel back in time to measure it? In the case of St Severin, for example, we have 4 different natural clocks actually 5, for the Pb-Pb method involves 2 different radioactive uranium isotopeseach running at a different rate and each using elements that respond to chemical and physical conditions in much different ways.

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