Dating notarized documents Dating notarized documents

Dating notarized documents

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What county do I put in the venue? A notary public must never change, correct, or amend a notarial certificate at a later date.

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You can use these tags: Be the first person to vote! Those loans are tricky, and are more likely to have to be redrawn. It only takes one instance of a backdated document being caught to land the notary public in hot water. I guess it's the "Window Bars Hotel" for me. You can also see whats new with the active topics link.

March Phoninar http: If the jurat certificate does not include a venue, it is acceptable for a notary to include one. What am I required to do? When the document to be notarized is a dated one, then it must be dated the same day as notarization or earlier.

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It adds to the integrity of the notarization and safeguards against fraud, especially when you take thumbprints for all documents optional, but recommended.

Clients whom need documents notarized by a given date may have forgotten or otherwise failed to meet the document. Enter Zip, City, or County Your journal of dating notarized notarial acts is your record of all notary acts that you have best bangladeshi online dating site in your commission.

March 23, 2012

The venue should reflect the county where you performed the notarial act. It was fun, but we got too many wrong answers which is a little bit disconcerting. People are busy, and two documents could handle the same paperwork on two separate days with two separate signers. The document date is NOT necessarily the date the document was drawn up, although it usually is.

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Actually, do read it, and get a journal anyway. We had this question as a Facebook competition question.

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Including a prior date on the document can come back to haunt notaries later down the road. It generally should not be dated after the signing to avoid confusion.

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Email us at info notary. It is possible for a signer to present an undated document for notarization; i. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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There is also a glossarylearning tools, and much more. Save Password Forgot your Password?

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The notary watches as the client completes the documents and includes the date of the signing. The function of this date is to be an identifying mark on the document to distinguish it from other documents. Please remember, your password for your listing on notary.

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