Police officer dating a felon Cop Fired For Dating Man With Criminal Record Three Years Ago

Police officer dating a felon, criminal defense topics

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It states that a Felon shall not posses any firearm at all. Education, counseling, business, etc. Posted July 25, 6: The man was a Parolee who was involved with gangs.

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I did four years in college. My fiance is a convicted felon. People please help me out here. Newport cops is a alcoholic dating a drinker. It's been a hard road with his conviction.

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If you're a felon on probation, there's no way you can possibly be an upstanding citizen in the community. Sign In or Sign up. Did ya get your police tax increase notice today? And for the record, not to sound offensive.

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I just want to know if I will still be able to become a law enforcement officer if I marry the love of my life? It is a little soon after your felony conviction to refer to yourself as "an upstanding citizen in the community". They interviewed my husband at the prison he is currently in and my brother got the job.

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How should I answer in the juror questionnaire when asked if I was convicted of a felony? I hated going through it then and dread having to even look at the papers. The police officer also knows that he can't date you or associate with felons, so he's not going to risk his career. Its Different In All States. I have a possible solution for you.

A felon dating a cop

But a lot of them have some sort of connection out of the dating. Rivera claims in her lawsuit that she was asked inappropriate questions about her sexual history during IAB's investigation into her dating history with Perez.

Good officer and hopefully he is on the right path now. That may cause problems.

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I have and felon continue to pay for those consequences. Prime Evil said he knew of an officer fired for dating an matchmaking school con but we dont know that situation, was he a prisoner were she worked, did she date him prior to getting hired, or did she get fired for fraternizing with him while he was locked up.

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Stay in the loop! I thought for sure my chances of getting in were slim to none. District Court of New Jersey, claiming the department did little to protect her from male officers who pressured her for sex.

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