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Cs go matchmaking c4 timer

Valve may have gotten it right. I don't get how every other person one sees on this subreddit is global elite. If so just do it that way. If it truly affects your life as negatively as all these posts make it seem then perhaps it's time to take a step back and look at what you are letting bother you. Can pretty much agree with it since everyone started CS 1.

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So we just give up and accept poorly configured servers that do not reflect true competition? Or don't change the frigging timer. Basketball being the closest to our situation since they changed the timers. While I agree, that these changes dating brussels english time and I give you an upvote, I am wondering why people say that the majority is against valve, when the comments defending valve ALWAYS get the most upvotes, every thread i visit.

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This anticipation gives Ts a better ability to bait CTs out of position and makes faking sites a more viable strategy. How many seconds count until bomb detonates in Counter Strike? If you cared about the pro scene or the game and not about whining in the circlejerk over a patch you'd know this.

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In the CS, CS: Its not the right way of balancing the OP smokes and molotovs, the right way would be nerfing them! CSGO has no competition. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. I played football in the third national league in Greece and I didn't know that: I didn't get paid, no one did, but it was good fun.

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You can play with 530 dating matchmaking, on smaller fields and with heavier balls 7 vs 7, 5 vs 5, sometimes 8vs8but it's not "for kids", there are timers for adults as well, it's an entirely different game with different rules.

This was my thought as well. And a longer bomb timer gives the Ts more time to hunt down saving CTs, which makes saving more dangerous and less desireable. For a regular player who may not even read the patch notes, a 10s drop would be massive.

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L ratio matchmaking their timings. There is a tournament version in case a major patch just droppedbut I think Valve should put those changes in CS: I don't think it's that timer especially from spectator view.

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It's almost as if Valve wants the counter terrorists to hold a point between each site and rapidly rotate as a team to retake it once a bomb is planted, at least that's the only scenario I can envision in which retakes would be opportunistic on shorter countdown times.

They need to stop with this charade.

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While I don't necessarily agree with the small nerfs to rifles, I'm going to learn to accept them and continue to play the game. Here are some available suggestions.

What should we call you? At 45 you don't need to start rotating, even if you're at the complete opposite side of the map, until the bomb is actually planted.

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Also in stadiums used for international UEFA Champions League, World Championship qualifier games etc games the field has to be between and meters long, instead of the usual 90 - meters. The point is to merge the two communities together. You won't be able to vote or comment. They are referring to the pro scene that has had 5 seconds added to the bomb timer.

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