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Start dating senior year, so the question begs — is there a solution to all of this?

Despite warnings, however, seniors will be seniors.

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I see no purpose in having one because they can take up a lot of your dating senior. Comments are expected to adhere to our standards and to be respectful and constructive.

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Follow us on Twitter. Boys and girls in the same grade account for about 42 percent of starts, while older boys dating younger girls make up 40 percent of high-school relationships, and older girls dating younger boys make up 18 percent.

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I'm not saying it's not possible, just extremely unlikely. On the other hand, it is just as difficult to get involved with another graduating senior.

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Moving onto the next stage of your life, should you leave your high school boyfriend behind? Vivian, a junior at Georgetown University, had dated her boyfriend for just two months before he graduated high school and shipped off for University of Michigan.

I do think that the more time a student has spent in a college setting or simply living lifethe more conscious they'll be of what they might be getting themselves into. So are some other old prom-era chestnuts: If the relationship goes networking dating, amazingly and everything in between, you have learned.

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Is it really worth it, starting a relationship when it's already midway through dating school senior year? When we try to push the emotions we have for someone, or something, away, they always seem to come back around stronger.

However, going on a dates and getting involved with someone can satisfy the soul and give us a break from our day-to-day grind by forcing us to relax and let our stressors out to someone who cares to listen. By the time you're a senior, you've mastered all of those challenges, and you're pretty much ruling the hill on which you're standing.

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In all and all, start school relationships do not last as you both still have a lot of maturing. Although dating in high school is often seen as fun and carefree, starting a relationship senior year can lead to deadly effects. Graduating from high school can be bittersweet too, especially when it comes to your high school boyfriend.

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Relationship expert Rhonda Ricardo insists that senior year of making a long distance relationship in college work is to continue to follow your own dreams. I have a lot of things to figure out in regards to life after college.

You're going to get your heart broken.

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For year, James Fowler of UC-San Diego recently used data from Add Health to find that there might be a genetic foundation for an individual's political beliefs. Then again, high school relationships don't seem to last more than a few months. But it will be hard if you both have to go todiff colleges Is it time to turn in that miniskirt for some boyfriend jeans?