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War thunder german matchmaking

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And I was not in a squad. Originally posted by Durzo Blint:.

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Matchmaking is dependant on the tank with the highest BR in your lineup. This isn't modeled in War Thunder war thunder german matchmaking is it?

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I face nothing but Tigers and if i take a out a tiger i face nothing but 6. BR has to go period. Do other players feel that Gaijin should put in a better matchmaking system? More than that tiger is third rank, while is is fifth.

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My best tank had 5. Katokevin View Profile View Matvhmaking. RB Ground Proof that the matchmaking is really fucked dating a paralyzed man Germany right now self.

war thunder german matchmaking

The best part of this is the WT version of the Tiger 1 is the absolute earliest wr model built. Lately, I've been playing Realistic battles. They get annihilated in every match. Ive been racking my brain ever since they upteired the thing, and there is no logical reason i can see that a 75mm shortbarrel is equal to a longbarrel 75 or 85mm. Here's the count for number of tanks per team: It is better than the IS-1, but it doesn't face any IS-1s whatsoever, or is it just all the others who get bad matchmaking with the Tiger and you are the one who gets lucky with it?

Why do I get into 5.

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A hair above 6. Caernavon spam, and 2 of those kills were from ME, and I have more than half of my teams total kills. MM is broken for a few reasons both in Air and Land.

And how do I know it is the most common enemy they will see? And even then uptiers to 7.

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I managed to wipe out 4 of them in my Jagdtiger after they all angled their front erroneously and gave me a nice shot at their hull; the silly bastards. It's not just Germany.

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Originally posted by Doobie:. I would gladly play on Full with grass if i was fortunate enough to have a better PC. But you only can bring lower rank vehicles to battle like that of course.

Would people be willing to wait another 30sec-1minute more for a better matchmake in your game, rather than shoving the first group of tanks within a 1.

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The match maker is mis-behaving Edit: Whatever happened to civilized, constructive conversation?