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Hook up ballast

Multiple ballast should all be mounted first too.

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Connect Negative to Condenser The condenser is a small canister that handles some of the load of the current. Magnetic vs Electronic Ballasts Older magnetic fluorescent ballasts are usually wired in series.

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Connect Wires to Positive Strip the end of the positive wire from the ignition, and connect it to the positive end of the resistor. For reference, the new ballast is a GE Proline T8.

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However, buying a ballast can be expensive, so consider pricing a brand-new fixture for comparison. Ballast Wire Colors Wire colors for individual and common connections on fluorescent ballasts hook up ballast vary depending on ballast type, brand, and the number of lamps they support.

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Ballasts have certain colors for individual wires to lampholders, and other colors for common wires to holders. Welcome, Cockerill Sign Out Help. Ballast wires are very small in size, so make sure your wire crimps or wire nuts are sized for small wiring.

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How to Test a Light Ballast. The fixture and the existing 2-lamp ballast has 4 ports: Series Ballast Wiring 4 Lamps.

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These screws may have nuts attached or the screws may be threaded into tapped holes. You should notice that the engine runs smoother, and without any type of hesitation.

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Buying a New Ballast Take the old ballast to the store with you. The black connects to a red hook up ballast wire in the ceiling, the white to the whtie neutral, and the single red, blue and yellow laws in arizona about dating all connected to matching wires on the fixture to the left.

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Or, if you wire something up wrong, you can re-cut and rewire because you still have plenty of ballast wire to work with. Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time.

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Fluorescent tubes contain toxic chemicals.