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One of the key questions you should ask yourself when shopping for male apparel is whether they fit your body properly.

I think you're referring to my post and I'm sorry it makes you feel that way, but I completely understand. Especially since she still seems to be attracted to women.

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All that matters is whether the clothes will fit your frame and body type. I love a person, not a gender. On the other hand, never blinking or holding eye contact for too long can make your partner feel uncomfortable.

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The rest of the world be damned Does that make me overly obsessed with the physical? In female to male surgery, the chest area is reconstructed and the breasts removed, to give the appearance of a male chest. About six months ago now I met my best friend. You can get online now and chat with tons of trans singles until you find the perfect fit that works for your life.

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No and only for one reason, I want to have kids. Bro, let me level with you here.


So I somewhat know how you feel. Am I a bigot for not being attracted to my own sex?

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Want to add to the discussion? All the other trans people you've met looked so regular that you don't know how many you know. May-December romances, gay romances, incestuous romances The upper surgery includes a double mastectomy and the reconstruction of the chest. It is all sex change dating site, I'm kundali match making in gujarati anyway, so I like either gender that you present as, and I like any genitalia that you may have.

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It's an everyday struggle to not kill myself. Congratulations, you're normal just like everyone else. Though this does not mean that there aren't many occasions for trans people to feel genuinely victimised.

Why is it any different than being gay? Would you marry a woman you love who physically couldn't produce children for some reason or another, even though she is a biological female?

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