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Marriage not dating eng sub ep 8

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Sink to the bottom of the marriage and get eaten by a cracken. Ki-tae looks extremely wary, but Se-ah assures him that she wants to be on his side and holds out the memory card with the photos of Jang-mi and Yeo-reum.

I agree with you on the car crying scene.

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She thought she was helping him out, but felt a pang of loneliness, jealousy, etc. But yeah, I get that it's a drama so they want the pretty shot of her running out in her wedding dress, and the fact that it'd be very uneventful and boring if she just simply ignored all of her mother-in-law's not dating calls throughout the episode.

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I have been reading your recaps Given it's a Kdrama, the male lead will eventually sink my preferred ship, but I can dream. She has no self-respect and her parents don't help I disagree- I don't think KT's mother is acting as an antagonist for Jang Mi's benefit, so that she can protect her from joining their dysfunctional family. I ex dating my neighbor just gonna add Gi Tae made quite clear he quite liked her from a few eps back and Jang Mi also worries about him. These men are adults, and at the end of the day should be able to take responsibility for themselves.

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There's no way I'd let someone do that to my daughter, in-laws or not. She's still smitten with Yeo-reum.

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I feel like the whole time, all Gi Tae does is let Yeo Reum snake his hero moments! Dani Serodio Gamus July 27, at 9: There have been very few moments where I felt like "Aha, there's his true feelings flashing through".

KT, step out of your comfort zone and grab the nice and real Jang Min before she gets away.

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He was, and still is, incapable of anything but cerebral interactions with others. SecondLeadSeRa July 28, at I sub like this show, but I'm at the point of beyond frustration. Mom makes her swear not to mention she had plastic surgery, but Jang-mi says she has more sense than that.

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Because of Reasons July 28, at 7: