Hook up plantronics headset to phone Plantronics CS540 Setup, Installation, and Users Guide.

Hook up plantronics headset to phone

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Compatibility Dial This is the dial located on the side of the base and looks like a black plastic screw. Naughty kissing and dating games is also a switch on the right hand side of the base which is your the IntelliStand feature.

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A-2 Plug the small modular adapter of the Intj entj dating Interface Cable into your telephone's handset port. You will hear a dial tone. Setting "A" is the hook setting that works with most telephones.

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What's in the Plantronics CS box. Leave your digits here and you'll get a call back within two business hours.

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If you find you can't hear you caller, your caller can't hear you, or it sounds distorted, continue sliding to the next letter until you find the setting that sounds the best.

The Master Receive setting is on the back of the base below the picture of the microphone there is a switch 1 being the highest setting and 4 being the lowest setting. You can fine tune this setting by using the volume control on the headset itself.

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When you have an incoming call, you will hear beeps in your ear indicating a call. If you've tried the above without success, please call our Product Support Team at When pushed up, it raises your speaker volume, and pushed down decreases the volume.

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C-2 Plug the small modular adapter of the Telephone Interface Cable into your telephone's handset port. Finding an adjustment on the base which allows your headset to be in a middle phone will typically work best.

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Your CS wireless headset has two buttons. The charging LED will flash headset when charging and turn solid green when fully charged.

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If you need to put the call on hold, or transfer the call, walk back to your phone and press the desired buttons. Make sure to call a friend or co-worker for your first call and ask how you sound.

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When finished, place the handset back in the cradle to hang-up the call and push the button on the side of the CS to turn the headset off.

Locate the Telephone Interface Cable. The master control for this is the A-B-C-D switch located on the underside of the wireless system.

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To make a call, push the button on the side of the CS headset to turn the headset on.