Dating a girl with the same name as me I Dated A Guy With The Same First Name As Me For 2 Years And It Was the Worst

Dating a girl with the same name as me

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Don't have an account? Find all posts by Serenata There's a YouTube couple who pretty much have the same name: Now she heard her name though inside I did a double take cause I knew whose name I called out.

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Switch to Hybrid Mode. I know three similar-named couples, and it gets annoying when I call their house and need to ask for "lady-Chris".

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I'm also an Alex, and I think it'd be weird dating another Alex but I'd get over it pretty quick if we were otherwise compatible. What are the consequences of doing so? Originally Posted by gaffa.

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Wouldn't bother me one bit - although I am straight and the chances of me dating someone with my own unusual but very clearly feminine name would be between zero and nil.

This got me thinking, what if you dated someone who had the same name as your ex? She was with a very abusive man for something like 8 years.

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Use of this dating simulation games ps vita constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You won't be able to vote or comment. NE Ohio the 'burbs Posts: I remember talking to a friend about how this is the second Matt I've dated Originally Posted by GuanoLad I know someone named Lisa, whose brother married someone named Lisa, so she loses the uniqueness of her name, to, of all people, her sister-in-law.

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I have a super common name, and I actually used to dread that I would wind up dating someone with the same name lol. I remember telling my friends that the guy I had been seeing was named Max, and getting coos of approval.

The girl I'm talking to currently has the same name as one of my dogs More reddit, somewhere else. We got a lot of bad puns very frequently, but all and all it really didn't affect us too much.

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I'm not sure if I could do that. Contact Us Straight Dope Homepage. My last girlfriend had a somewhat unusual name.

For myself I don't think I would object in principle, but since I'm a straight woman and Rebecca or even any of the short forms would be a rather odd name for a man, it seems it would be unlikely even if I weren't already married. I think it's probably pretty obvious what my real name is.

My girlfriend called me once Simon a guy from work.