Dating a woman 5 years younger Anyone here have much experience dating girls like, 5 years younger than them?

Dating a woman 5 years younger, select as most helpful opinion?

Holier-than-ThouMar 8, I get how it feels to be generally more mature for your age and understand how it can make quite a bit of difference to your life.

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Going out isn't an issue that's come up yet, as he is sober and I don't drink anyway. For example, when a rapper in his late 20s dates a year-old celeb, people find it suspicious and harmful, but fewer people think a much larger, plus-years age gap between some celebrity couples is objectionable if the woman is in her 30s year they got together — these are fully grown women capable of woman their own decisions and much less likely to be affected by peer pressure. Just being done with your 20s is different than just being done with college.

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Eddie Guerrero Obsession a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated. Honestly, if she's mature enough to be with a 23 year old, then why not give it a shot? Personally I like older women, I've dated younger and they give me a headache. Jul 20, Messages: Dating websites cork married a 27 year old at 40, which was perfect for him.

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I think I might have been directly exposed to the internet for too long. My general rule of thumb is do not date a teenager who is more than 3 years younger than you are. However since the legality issue had already been considered, I didn't really see the point in that, so just put the half age plus seven rule before someone else did.

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To be fair, that's more about her than it is about her age. The only way you can find that out is to get to know her first. On top of everything else. Do not dating or troll people, including in PMs. You must log in or sign up to reply here. HistrionicBehaviorMar 8, It is about maturity level.

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I would not feel weird about a 5 year difference of someone that is clearly as mature as yourself. I like a woman who knows who she is, where she wants to be, and is realistic in how things work. Data seem to support that idea: I'd say you guys should be fine, age probably won't be a problem.

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No, and at your age I honestly don't see it working out. What I mean is, if He were all mature and looking for a very stable relationship, in which he could see a future with you, and stablishing a family, etc.

CommanderShiro Follow Forum Posts: She is legal and we are deeply speed dating 07030 love.

I just started a year late and her birthday is later maryland legal dating age the year so we were a little better than a year apart.

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Do you notice the age difference? People can be really physically attractive at those ages. Do not make posts asking about a specific person's or group of people's actions, behavior, or thinking.

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Jan 26, Messages: Best of the Web. I don't think its creepy or anything, but it kind of sucks when you're 21 and the person you're dating isn't. It's all about maturity. She's far less likely to be bitter and jaded than girls a few years older.

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These issues can, of course, affect couples who are the same age and who have different priorities, but relationships with a large age gap are especially susceptible to the "stage of life" problem. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.