Self-presentation on online dating sites Self-Presentation in Online Personals

Self-presentation on online dating sites

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The authors find that perceived online dating success is predicted by four dimensions of self-disclosure honesty, amount, intent, and valencealthough honesty has a negative effect. A report on digital dating in Canada.

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Predicted outcome value during initial interactions: Retrieved March 15,from http: Social information processing jakarta expatriate dating MUDs: Communication Research, 21, - Abstract Human communication experiences a major shift towards virtual interactions and social networks. Impersonal, interpersonal, and hyperpersonal interaction.

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Human Communication Research, 2, - Reciprocal self-disclosure in Internet-based surveys. A new look at interpersonal attraction.

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The effects of privacy and probability of future interaction on initial interaction patterns. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Social media trend Dating in the palm of your hand Times are changing!

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A follow-up study of the relationships among trust, disclosure, and interpersonal solidarity. Journal of Personality Assessment, 46, - The development of personal relationships on-line and a comparison to their off-line counterparts.

Reciprocity and its limits. Send the link below via email or IM Copy.

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A meta-analysis of social and anti-social communication. Cyberpsychology and Behavior, 6, -

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