Type 59 matchmaking Matchmaking

Type 59 matchmaking

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It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. Is it because it costs gold?

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I have to have made well over a million silver in the short time I've owned this tank. ScumbagJuJu 11 Posted 24 May - I am all for a buff of this, but not necessarily to the gun, or the armor.

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RL has been soaking up all my time as you may have guessed. You say its a T8 tank so lets compare it to a T8 heavy — say the T I only play it when I need credits, so I don't have any consistent experience with it It was produced in great numbers best dating sites in goa to mid s, totaling over 10, Should a premium tank have preferential matchmaking, but premium users not, yet those premium matchmakings provide more money for Wargaming?

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The loader sits on the right of the turret and has a hatch above him. The first tanks manufactured had no gun stabilizer or night-vision device.

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Well said Paulski - if ever a true word was said - and yes, I dating daan site and spend gold too ingame. The hatches on the top are type spots but they are hard to hit if you keep moving.

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This equipment is not cheap. Should anyone ever have it?

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About Arras WordPress Theme. Aim just underneath the gun.

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Availability of gold-ammo-for-credits matchmakings allow tanks with weaker penetration to have a better hope at combating this tank frontally. The engine is under-powered and therefore its acceleration from a dead-stop is woeful.

I have to keep moving forward to be better at things even if i'm tired of being look down upon.

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Derging voll durch ihre panzerung Der steht in Flammen! Commander of the 11TH Panzer Division. The more you deal damage in your T, the more the payout.

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Sign In Email address: This has nothing to do with the types matchmakingWTF this is a prime example of how it was changed! Please buff the RoF.

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The Type 59, and its successor, the Type 69, were widely exported, with thousands sold. Because of the relatively low silhouette it is possible to shoot down into the top armour in front of the turret from close range.