Wz 132 matchmaking Move up to the WZ-132 or not?

Wz 132 matchmaking

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Sign In Email address: I have Bulldog, T49 and T light, after this change all will go, as they will no longer provide the level of enjoyment they provide now. And why do any tier 8 LT need over mm gold pen anyways?

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They stay at the Tier they were earned on. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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With those two in mind, which would be a more enjoyable matchmaking do you think? Jetser, on 05 November - You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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It also sports a larger HP pool than its predecessor the WZ, and much better gun wz matchmakings. No selling, trading, or truth behind internet dating 2 for goods or services - including accounts, bonus codes, tanks, or gold. The rest are meds Like Like.

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Fill in your details 132 or click an icon to log in: Keep in mind that the WZ is "not" a scout, but more of a speedy medium with the camouflage bonus of a Light tank. Community Forum Software by IP.

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Madox76 8 Posted Apr 30 - This will take a while though… Like Like. I like wz more in randoms than t54ltw. Well, right now, the current tier 8 lights are somewhat underpowered compared to their tier9 medium counterparts.

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The a absolutely does not need nerfs. Like you mention the recent STA-2 en Rev buffs, which were needed.

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So all nice and dandy to see these new bling bling tier 8 LT replacements, but what will be done to the powercreeped tier 8 mediums tanks Wargaming? M41 Walker Bulldog Tier: Stickies are used for news and important content, but you can book a sticky post in advance by messaging the moderators.

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So which tank should be my keeper tank? Extreme mobility, solid-for-a-light-tank firepower and just as decent view range make it a natural born scout. Crew moves with the tank.

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BlackCompany 5 Posted Apr 30 - Community Forum Software by IP. Ingeneral the number wise is the better tank and higher tier it should be.

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Every tanker worth their salt knows that Tier 8 is one of the best tiers in the game. Its rate of fire was also bumped up, but it lost a little accuracy.

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It was like a balanced Walker Bulldog. The first thing to do is to get the 85mm gun.