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Dating older woman reddit, dating a girl older than you reddit


I'm 20, fwb with a 40 year old. I just won't deny a man that I would otherwise be open to if he happened to be older.

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Doomed from the Start Im dating a girl that i know that dating a woman older than you is the best thing. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

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I'm kind of embarrassed to admit to what it is though haha. That perspective is just Ask him; if could be a fun conversation. Every time I saw her I talked to her tried to cheer her up and all that.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Sure, technically I could find a 40 year old dating older woman reddit like this, but realistically that won't be the case. So basically the more inclined I am to have datings older woman reddit, the lower I'd require the age gap to be.

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Your username is how other community members will see you. I thought like you OP but dated casually younger because it was easy and available. I was a little mature for my age and they were a little immature, I also look older and they looked younger, so we got along pretty great to be honest.

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Girls are too immature. So be attractive and the best version of you.


It is immensely apparent to me, being the age I am now, that my brain simply was not done growing yet. No problem with me. I can't see women having problem with age gap if you as a man don't mind and you are strong enough to tell your friends and family not to judge you. Click here and select a username! In fact, I've only ever dated girls younger than me, with the biggest gap being 3 years difference.

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Like with any other legal age woman, you don't. Here are some available suggestions. When I was around 27, I dated two women not at the same time in their forties and it was great. We click on a level I've never achieved with any woman my own age. I've no problem with learning from people who know more than me. I can't see any problem with these relationships as long as you really want a serious one. These women have even wygant online dating time for games and will christian dating sites in calgary you out very quickly.

Of the few men that I've matched with on Tinder and Bumble I'm extremely particularthe young ones are the only ones to follow through. So i'm all for it