Dating a bikini barista Dating a bikini barista

Dating a bikini barista, on that horrible coffee grind.

There was one incident where I gave my number to a customer who seemed to have absolutely no interest in me. Clenched cheeks are not cute people, not cute at all.

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I never once flirted or even said something remotely intimate to this man with no name. Another one of my customers, a darling, older, Mexican man who works his ass off and sends all of his money to his family in Mexico; who I always thought was adorable and I respected his work ethic and kind personality; a man who had me fooled thinking he was a decent human being came through just recently.

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I opened my door and melted out of my car, gasping for fresh air and the feeling of something solid beneath my feet well, in this case, my palms. If she's interested, you'll hear from her. The stand I worked at was right by the high school.

dating a bikini barista

If I were to be told that someone asked about me, I would be flattered. And he never did either. I became entirely embarrassed and I dating a bikini barista like a total fool.

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Everytime he'd come to my shop, it would result in us hanging out when I got out. I picture us together sexually all the time. Even if she's already "rejected" you? Daily coffee shop banter can be much better more polite or much worse more awkward than what a bartender faces, since no one has the excuse of being drunk.

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I was ultimately happy. If she has a boyfriend, you'll find out and move on.

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That shit is depressing. He thought that poorly of me.

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He always says I should be in the movies. From that point I felt guilty about the amount of dating a bikini barista I was making so I started working harder, more often, and really pushed myself to be more abf dating, vivacious. A post shared by Bikini Beans Espresso bikinibeansespresso on Feb 6, at 4: And I look at things with a positive attitude because I deal with so much of the contrary at work.

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This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. If they would have asked about me when I wasn't there or something I would have much appreciated it before being put on the spot.

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Having a job as a bikini barista makes you incredibly aware of all of your flaws and blemishes. To make real inroads, it seems, you have to show dedication. I was transparent enough to feel sorry for them and vulnerable enough to let them know.

Pretend to write a what can you say about online dating on laptop? But it hit me like a stomach ache from a bad chimichanga — like there is such a thing, but still.

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There is a difference between being happy with a significant other and being happy with that specific person. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

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Should I even try to dissect this or was he just trying to be funny? A post shared by Bikini Beans Espresso bikinibeansespresso on Feb 9, at 9: And I figured maybe I could attempt being the one who is on the hunt instead of being the prey for once and see how I do.

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Most of the guys only want to jump my bones.